Strong & Lean in 2016!

Get Strong and Lean in 2016…with BeyondBarre

Why is BeyondBarre an exceptionally effective workout?

I created the BeyondBarre method fitness program because I wanted a workout routine unlike any other – one that would improve muscle tone, enhance flexibility, keep “trouble spots” in check, and boost cardio endurance. Plus, I wanted to do all that while keeping joint strain to an absolute minimum.

I knew this was a tall order, but thanks to my background as a Pilates instructor, gymnast, runner, biker, and all around lover of athletic challenges, I was committed to taking a shot at it.

One thing I knew for sure, ballet barre exercises had to be part of my new program. After all, I’d been benefiting from those exercises since childhood. I’d always loved the feeling of the externally rotated foot positions and the way it effectively targets the hips and legs. Preforming small muscle isolation movements, with a steady barre to grip for support, allowed me to ramp up the toning of my “trouble spots” on the hips and thighs. As a result, my booty began moving north instead of south!

Yep, barre work definitely had to be a big part of my new exercise program.

I also knew it was important for the program to have a strong cardio element. Turned out it was easy to figure out what it was going to be. I’d grown up with ice-hockey-playing brothers, so I knew the cardio benefits of skating. That led me to create the BeyondBarre GlideBoard, a simple easy-to-use product that gets you a full blown, low impact, cardio-workout as you have fun “skating” with canvas ballet slippers on your feet. It simply amazing!

By the way, the BeyondBarre GlideBoard is especially good at targeting the lateral side-to-side muscles. These muscles are often neglected in fitness routines because most cardio workouts, like, for example, walking, running, rowing, and skiing, involve forward movement.

In addition to the barre and the BeyondBarre GlideBoard components of my new program, I also wanted to have options when it came time to develop classes. It’s often said that variety is the spice of life, and that no doubt includes exercise programs. I didn’t want to be tied to the same workout every time I exercised. So I designed my new program to make it easy to focus on different areas of the body from one day of workouts to the next.

For example, one workout could have an extra concentration of cardio on the BeyondBarre GlideBoard. The next session could be at the barre with a special focus on arms and legs. Another day, I might want to step away from the barre and BeyondBarre GlideBoard entirely and get into dynamic exercises in the center of the room.

So that’s the super-effective BeyondBarre method fitness program came to be!

I called it BeyondBarre, a good name I thought for a program that blends the wonderful strengthening and stretching benefits of the ballet barre, the cardio benefits of the BeyondBarre GlideBoard, and the freedom to be fully creative when building a fitness class. Over the years it has proven to be everything I’d hoped it would be.

I hope you’ll consider becoming part of our BeyondBarre family. For more information on our program, go to or call (845) 544-1576.

Make today the day you begin to get, leaner, stronger, healthier, and happier.

Set Your 2016 Barre High with BeyondBarre!

Colleen Ketchum
Founder of the BeyondBarre Method