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Education Become A BeyondBarre Instructor!

Welcome to the Smarts Behind Every BeyondBarre Class!

NEW & EXCITING… It’s easy to fall in love with Beyond Barre’s unique combination of ballet moves, weights work, GlideBoard, and core strength training. After a few classes you might start to notice that while they all follow a similar pattern, each class seems new and exciting!

Progression of Exercises

It’s in the progression of exercises, which challenge a different fitness aspect in every class.

It’s in the variety of exercises, which keep clients from becoming bored with routines. It’s in the modifications, which help every client at every fitness level achieve his or her best.

BeyondBarre is so much more than a set of exercises mindlessly repeated. And despite its impressive ballet roots, it’s not just a set choreography, either.

After even a few classes, well before you learn about BB’s method, you find you’re working out with intelligence. Using your work-out time to get the best bang for your fitness buck!

Eventually, many people feel they just have to find out more, and end up coming to the teacher training classes. Some never aim to BE teachers, they’re just fascinated by the program. Of course, such enthusiasm means they become wonderful teachers!!

BB teacher training introduces you to the philosophy that inspires BeyondBarre, and the universe of fitness benefits that come from understanding the method.
Constant Elements

One of the first things you learn is that each class is made up of some constant elements.

This is a sequence of types of exercises that create the shape of most BB classes, and keep the exertion levels high enough to be challenging, yet mixed up enough that you’re not always working the same muscles.

This is what we call the BeyondBarre Elements. A road map for each class that helps all BB classes to be similar, yet not the same.

In teacher training, we are taught those elements and the reasoning behind them. Then, we get introduced to the endless variety that can expand that core program. There are different exercises, different ways to do almost any exercise, as well as those modifications that help EVERYONE at all fitness strengths complete a lesson.

Then there is the Movement Guide that outlines how a changing body position creates new exercise variations in order to attain different workout focuses.

BeyondBarre Basics is the jumping off point for the instructor training followed by the BeyondBarre Dynamics course.

Each level is inspired by a different approach to those BB Elements (for example, movement becomes increasingly dynamic). There are manuals for every stage and each exercise is illustrated with an abundance of photos. So, even when you’ve left the training, you have a constant reference to continue making improvements while you stay within the method. Trained teachers also have access to videos on our website that showcase tried-and-true exercises and a library of workouts.
Teaching Compass

But always there is the special way that BeyondBarre teachers are taught to teach.

We call it our three-step Teaching Compass:

SAY IT:Tell the client how to do the exercise, set clients up in the exercise and get the clients moving

COUNT IT:Start slowly for accuracy then build to tempo

FOCUS IT:Challenge the client by using cues to enhance/deepen the work.

BeyondBarre training is not just about what to teach, but how to teach it and why.

Our teachers are not just barking commands, but looking at clients and seeing what they need to do to improve. Above all, it’s about helping clients achieve their best.

Ready to begin? Here's How >>Its easy to expand your fitness career & passion!