Making smart and healthy food choices

How whole is your diet?

I love to eat but I also recognize that the food choices I make daily are an important part of providing fuel my body (and my attitude) as I greet the demands of each day as a business owner, fitness instructor, wife and parent.

Even though I’m super busy, preparing food at home is part of my regular routine and something I love to do. It’s especially enjoyable when my whole family gets involved! What better way to teach my children about making healthy food choices than to talk and share (and chop and peel) fresh, whole foods together!?

I don’t eat just anything. I pay close attention to what I do eat. I strive to eat a “whole” or “clean” diet. We read about whole foods and clean diets in health reports and articles everywhere these days, and it is spot-on in its importance to wellness.

Making smart and healthy choices about the foods you prepare and eat for yourself and your family impacts how you feel, as well as how you maintain a healthy weight. Processed foods are few and far between in my kitchen. Yes, you’ll find some condiments like mayo, organic ketchup, mustard and hot sauce, in my fridge – but almost everything else I prepare is from real (aka clean) whole-food ingredients.

Organic is my choice when it is available and if it’s not ridiculously high-priced. I have eliminated much of the gluten from my diet and my family and I now eat mostly low-carb and low-sugar foods, nuts, lean sources of protein, fresh fruits and raw vegetables.

If a sweetener is necessary, we use honey, agave syrup, molasses, or pure maple syrup in moderation. When we’re craving carbs, we prepare whole grains like quinoa or oats. We eat fresh eggs, low fat cheese, and use lots of olive oil for cooking or for salad dressings. My favorite foods right now are homemade veggie soups, omelets, salads, smoothies, fresh and dried fruit.

Eating healthy is not only delicious, but I feel great and don’t have to worry about calorie-counting or restricting the amount of food I eat.

What’s more…making healthy, whole, clean food choices gives me the energy for exercise, for teaching pilates and BeyondBarre classes at Pilates In Motion Fitness Studio, as well as fueling my body for energetic after-school outdoor play with my three young children!

Looking for whole food, clean diet recipe ideas? Check out A great resource for a healthy lifestyle!

Yours In Good Health,

Colleen Ketchum, Founder of the national BeyondBarre Method &
Owner of Pilates In Motion Fitness Studio, Warwick, NY