Healthy Travels – Summer Vacation Road Trip Health-Tips!

Summer is here!

For many of us, that means family vacation road trip season is upon us!

We will be packing up the car and heading for destinations that stretch from the east coast to the west coast and everywhere in-between. If there is a lake, river, or seashore, a mountain, valley, or plain, our family will figure out a way to get there and enjoy it to the fullest!

About the only downside to all that vacation adventure is the risk of derailing the fitness routine you’ve been faithfully following all year. After all, long-distance traveling (by car especially) is not conducive to exercise routines. And, too, it’s not easy to eat healthy meals when you’re facing a seemingly endless line-up of gas station fare, roadside hot dog stands, burger drive-ins, BBQ joints, and ice cream shops.

Now, of course, we’re all entitled to an occasional double-scoop of mocha almond fudge or a few missed workouts. Just make sure it does not become the norm. You don’t want to unravel the healthy habits you work so hard to maintain the rest of the year.

The long and winding road…

Our family drives from upstate New York to South Carolina every year to enjoy a week-long seaside vacation. It’s about a 14 drive each way!

Spending that much time in the car could put a dent in my fitness level. So, to avoid that, I pack plenty of healthy snacks for the trip along with fresh pressed, raw, and frozen juices. I often stock up on nutrient-dense and delicious Life Juice in advance and freeze them so they serve as ice packs for part of the trip. We like to drink them slushy and partly frozen. Yum!

For snacks, I pack easy-to-eat fruits like apples, bananas, and grapes. I always include a home-made mix of nuts with dried cherries and cranberries. The combination of sweetness, saltiness, and crunchiness makes the mix a perfect pick me up.

Tips for healthy road trip:

  1. When packing your bags, include some fitness bands and a deflated fitness ball. They won’t take up much room and they work perfectly well in a hotel room.
  1. Sprinkle some damp washcloths with a few drops of peppermint oil and store the cloths in Zip-Lock bags. Wipe your hands and face with them and they will help you feel invigorated. Also, they help keep motion sickness at bay.
  1. Sitting for extended periods of time will slow your metabolism while increasing your blood pressure and your glucose levels in the blood. So it’s important to stop the car every hour or so you can stand, stretch, and walk for a few minutes. If you’re on a plane, take an occasional walk down the aisle. Your spine and heart will be so appreciate the pit-stop!
  1. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. That way, during car stops, you can take advantage of the opportunity and stretch or take a brisk walk.
  1. Once you arrive at your destination, plan a walk or jog to get to know the area. I like to take a “find-the-local-coffee-shop” jog so I know exactly where to go when I wake up each morning.
  1. Look for a local fitness studio and take a class or two. Bad weather? Use the equipment in your hotel fitness room. Crunched for time? Try plank exercises in your room (which don’t take up space nor require equipment!) either upon rising or before bed.
  1. It’s your vacation. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Try to be in the moment and relish every bit of vacation time and travel, even if the traffic is brutal, the rain is never-ending, and the mosquitos are hungrier than your kids.

Yours in Wellness,

Colleen Ketchum, BeyondBarre Founder