NATIONAL EXAMINER – Makeover Monday: Ballet Legs

By Cheryl S. Grant
NY Healthy Living Examiner

If you have ever looked longingly at a ballerina’s body and wanted to be that toned help is on the way. This ballet based routine created by Pilates and Barre trainer Collen Ketchum based on her new Beyond Barre DVDs Express Workout; will sculpt your legs in about the same time it takes to make a cup of coffee.

Warm up by lowering your chin to chest, roll sequentially through the spine until hands touch the floor. Bend both knees and roll back up to finish in a straight-leg standing position. Repeat 4 times.

Get your mid-section moving by circling your ribs to the right then to the left. Start slowly and then pick up the tempo. Complete 24 circles in one direction then reverse directions. Do two sets.

Now get lower body moving by slowly circling your hips to the right then to the left. Pick up the tempo and reverse directions. Complete 24 circles and repeat for two sets.

Place your feet in first position. Lift heels and rise up onto the balls of the feet. Lower heels with resistance. Arms rise over head for the lift up and lower down when the heels lower.

Now place your feet in first position. Bend knees over toes, heels stay down. Press into the floor and lift to straight leg standing position arms, open and close from front to side.

Alternate between relevé and plié. Arms rise up and lower in front for the relevé and open close in front for the plié. Complete 24 repetitions of each.

Keep the pressure on legs by kicking up the right leg and lowering, touching toe to floor. Repeat.
Kick up the right leg and hold. Flex the foot and press out through the heel.
Lift right knee up in attitude. Lower leg in attitude. Touch toe to floor and repeat.
Lift right knee up in attitude and hold. Flex foot and press heel forward. Repeat.
Lift right knee up in attitude. Pulse leg up in small movements.
Complete each of the Lift Up Exercises 8 times then switch legs. Repeat the circuit 3 times

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