Adaptability enhances beauty and grace

Autumn is here in the Northeast and, as always, it brings with it a spectacular visual delight as our tree-covered landscape explodes with breathtaking colors. Looking out from the front porch, it reminded me that some people are just like those trees. They adapt to their surroundings with ease and go through life with a full-measure of beauty and grace. It also reminded me that, when I created BeyondBarre, I designed the program so it too would be adaptable for people at all levels of fitness to thrive with beauty and grace.

Adaptability is one of the hallmarks of BeyondBarre and it means having the flexibility to enjoy the benefit of classes with a variety of different themes. For example, you may attend a class infused with graceful ballet-inspired moves or one that features strong fitness-based, and/or cardio, exercises. You can participate in a class that incorporates stretching and yoga-centered exercises, or you can kick it into high gear in a drenched cardio workout.

Take advantage of the variety of BeyondBarre classes or other exercise classes available to you and build adaptability into your fitness goals. Also remember to find at least a little bit of time each day to get outdoors and enjoy the seasons.  You will surely thrive with beauty and grace.

Yours In Fitness,

Colleen Ketchum, BeyondBarre Founder