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We don’t just teach you HOW to become a barre instructor, we continually provide information to keep your classes fresh!

Beyond Barre

Beyond Barre provides many opportunities for instructors to grow and expand their fitness career and passion. Sign up today for your Beyond Barre teacher training .


BeyondBarre Basics training has no pre-requisite required; each level thereafter requires a pass and BB certificate of completion of the preceding level of competence.

Beyond BarreBasics Total Training

It’s not your little girl’s ballet class! That means move, move, move! BeyondBarre Basics introduces the trainees to the most innovative fitness program on the planet. New teachers will learn the BeyondBarre Basics Total order of exercises, proper body alignment and intramuscular connections along with being taught the Intro to BB, BB Fit and Sculpt at the Barre classes. Our easy to follow formula based on the BeyondBarre Teaching Compass will highlight the Say It, Count It, and Focus It formula of each exercise.

  • 18hours
  • $695 Early
  • $750 Standard

Beyond BarreDynamics Total Training (formerly BeyondBarre Level 1)

The basics have been nailed, now it’s time for the teachers to master the BeyondBarre fitness art. In the BeyondBarre Dynamics training, expansion of the basic understanding of each movement is focused on. Challenging new exercises are layered in along with the added intensity of enhanced chorography. This level focuses on the BeyondBarre GlideBoard cardio that will kick up your client’s strength and stamina to feel the exquisite burn. BB Classic and BB Cardio classes are also taught.

  • 18hours
  • $695 Early
  • $750 Standard

Beyond BarreSculpt at the Barre Training

This training focuses on the amazing muscle leaning work of the ballet barre. Specifically geared to studios, fitness centers and home workout enthusiasts who do not have access to the BeyondBarre GlideBoard.

  • 09hours
  • $325 Early
  • $375 Standard

Beyond BarreSculpt at the Barre Home-Study Course

The BeyondBarre Sculpt at the Barre Home-Study course is available as a home study instructor training! This course comes complete with a fully illustrated manual, study guide and practice drills. If you cannot make it to an in person training, this is the next best thing!

  • 09*hours
  • $199

Beyond Barremakes learning how to become a barre instructor fun and exciting. Check out our upcoming teacher training programs.

*The amount of time needed to complete the training depends on how quickly the individual moves through the course material.